Morning Star
King of Agogik — Morning Star
Release date : Jan. 31, 2017
Label : sAUsTARK records
  1. Veils Open
  2. The unavoidable wayfare...
  3. the place of origin
  4. Mother of Depth
  5. Nyade
  6. The Art of Make-Up
  7. Suprema Lex
  8. Ignes Fatui
  9. A visit to the Mouse Barber
  10. The End of Dithyramb
  11. Curtain Call


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Hans Jörg Schmitz: Drums, Keys, Guitar, Bass

Dago Wilms: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass

Gary Farmer: Rickenbacker and Fender Bass Guitar

Steve Unruh: Flute and Violin

Pantelis Petrakakis: Bass Guitar

Andrew Marshall: Spanish Guitar

Chip Gremillion : Keyboard

Peter Simon: Woodwinds

Philipp Schmitz : Keyboard

Scott Taylor : Ulliann Pipe

Kathrin Daniel : Voice

Viktoria Papen : Voice

Erik Vaxjö: Mellotron

Digipack – 32 page Booklet

Running time 71 Minutes