United Progressive Fraternity - Planetary Overload Part 1 – Loss
2 CD Set – Released 19th, April 2019

produced by Mark Trueack and Steve Unruh with

Steve Hackett (Genesis), Jerry Marotta (u.a. Hall & Oates, Stackridge, Peter Gabriel),

Nick Magnus (u.a. The Enid, John & Steve Hackett), Hasse Fröberg (Spellbound, The Flower Kings),

Colin Edwin (u.a. Porcupine Tree, O.R.k.), Lisa Wetton, Jon Davison (Yes) and some more.

Track 5: “Stop Time” Drums – Hans Jörg Schmitz

Decameron - Ten days in 100 Novellas – Part 3
 4 CD-Set – Released 23th, Juli 2016

34 Bands from 14 countries

Willowglass – The Siena Ghost (8:09)

Willowglass ( UK – Progressive Rock )

CD-Album *The Dream Harbour* (April 2013)

Andrew Marshall: Guitars / Keyboards / Basses

Steve Unruh: Flute and Violin

Hans Jörg Schmitz: Drums and Percussion

Videos: 1234

Decameron – Ten days in 100 Novellas – Part 2

Decameron Part 2 Cover

4 CD-Set ( Musea Records ) Released 25th, April 2014

34 Bands from 14 countries


Willowglass: The Salvestra Tear

Andrew Marshall: Guitars, Keyboards and Basses

Hans Jörg Schmitz: Drums and percussion

Steve Unruh: Flute and Violin


King of Agogik: Damsel’s Love and King’s Wrath

Hans Jörg Schmitz: Drums – Keys – Bass – Guitar

Dago Wilms: Acoustic and Electric Guitars


 Traumhaus – Die andere Seite (Progressive Rock)


CD-Album (October 2008) Digipack – 16 page Booklet

Alexander Weiland: Vocals and Keyboards, Bass programing

Hans Jörg Schmitz : Pearl Drums

Tobi Hampel: Guitar

sAUsTARK records

Remastered version released Jul. 31, 2014 (PPR)


And some more, amongst others:
UTA (Pop-Rock) BAND FOR UTA 1993 -Video
Blue Sky (Hard-Rock)
Max Bonn und die Abgeordneten (Pop)
Musical “Verdoppelt” (Pop-Rock)
Eardrum (Percussion music)
Blinding Darkness (Progressive)
Two L-Stones ( Blues-Rock)
Pingerd (Funk)
KHK (Jazz-Fusion)
Neronia (Progressive)
Nanu (Cover Rock)
Autonom Breathe (Progressive)
Schuppe Blues Band (Blues)